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A830L handheld digital ammeter voltmeter

A830L handheld digital ammeter voltmeter digital display universal meter DT-830B..

14.00 лв

ANENG XL830L Digital LCD Multimeter

This Heavy-Duty general purpose multimeter features a Clear, easy to read LCD display, with blue back Light.Overload Protection on all ranges.Housed i..

17.00 лв

BSIDE ADMS1 2000 Counts Auto Range Multimeter -12%

BSIDE ADMS1 2000 Counts Auto Range Multimeter

High-performance electronic components, test more accuracy.ADMS1 uses LCD display. ADMS1CL uses the latest EBTN display.Dual mode, smart multimeter + ..

51.00 лв 45.00 лв

BSIDE S10 Digital Multimeter SOLD OUT

BSIDE S10 Digital Multimeter

Super large LCD, very easy to read 3.5" HD display engineered by BSIDE.Durable protective case for protection against shocks, fiction, and bumps.Built..

58.00 лв

Digital Multimeter E15490R

This multimeter with the large LCD display screen, and it is small in size, like a phablet, more practical and novel. With multifunction like AC volta..

66.00 лв

LCD Multimeter

*Professional and Practical Auto-ranging digital multimeter, can be used as Voltmeter/ Ammeter Ohmmeter*Can be used to measures AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC C..

11.00 лв

LOMVUM TRUE RMS Multimeter 6000 COUNTS High Precision Digital Multimeter NCV Smart Multimeter Auto Ranging AC/DC Flashlight

LOMVUM T18 Series multimeters are compact and portable, they are ideal devices for electrician. A,B,C model are manual type, D is AUTO range, E is sma..

49.00 лв

SMD Inductor Test Meter Tester Clip Probe Tweezer for Resistor Capacitor Multimeter

SMD Inductor Test Meter Clip Probe Tweezers for Resistor Capacitor MultimeterFeatures :  Meter clip probe for SMD components measurement ..

5.40 лв