PWM DC controller

PWM DC controller
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20A DC motor speed regulator 12V24V36V48V High power drive module PWM controller

Before power on, make sure that the positive and negative connections are correct, and do not touch the radiator, which may burn the circuit board.Not..


DC motor speed controller PWM Speed switch 12V-40V 10A

Product features:PCB using military-grade plate!All chips are imported, not domestic IC, disassembly, refurbishment comparable.Import 50V1000uF large ..


PWM DC Motor Speed Controller

PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Speed Control Switch Module 6V/12V/24V/28V 3A Feature:Voltage range: DC6V-28VCurrent range: Within 3ASwitch functio..


PWM DC motor Stepless governor 12v-60v variable speed positive and negative belt switch speed plate 10A20A40A

X1040 dc motor governor (forward, stop, reverse)Product technical parameters:Input voltage range: DC 9-60vOutput current range: 10A 20A 40A optionalFu..