DC-DC step down converter

DC-DC step down converter
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10A DC-DC Adjustable CC CV Step Down Power Supply Module LCD Dual Display + Case -15%

10A DC-DC Adjustable CC CV Step Down Power Supply Module LCD Dual Display + Case

Input Voltage: DC 10V-32VOutput Voltage: DC 10V-60V Continuously adjustable (only applies to the input voltage is less than the output voltage occasio..

47.00лв 40.00лв

5A DCDC Adjustable Buck Power Module High Power XL4005 High Efficiency Regulator

Module highlights: 5A high power high efficiency low ripple power indicator light to give away heat sink!!!Module performance and features:Module prop..


DC CC CV 8A 280W step down buck converter 7-40V to 1.2-35v power adjustable

Input voltage: 7-40V  Output voltage: 1.2-35V  Output Current: 8A, 9A the MAX  Constant current(CC) range :0.2-8A  Turn lamp c..


Dc dc buck Voltage Module 5-40V to 1.25-36V 8A(max) 160W

Dc buck Voltage Module 5V-40V to 1.25V-36V 8A(max) 160W Step Down Converter Power Supply TransformerProduct parameter specification E) model: ZS-..


DC DC converter 12V 24V 36V 48V to 5V 3A 15W buck step down voltage converter adapter power supply module

DescriptionInput voltage:8-55Voutput voltage 5Voutput current:3Aoutput power:15Wefficiency;max 96%Waterproof:yesOperating temperature:-45 to 75 degree..


DC-DC Buck Converter 4.5V-40V 12V to 5V 2A Step-down

DC DC Step Down Converter LED Display Voltmeter + 5 V USB Charger Power Supply Module Board Step-down Buck Port 6.5-40V To 5V 2A  Voltmeter ..


Dual USB Buck Charger Module

DC DC 12V 24V 36V To 5V 6A 30W Quick fast Charger module Buck Step Down Converter Power Supply Module  dual USB   Features..


LM2596S DC Buck 3A step down converter 3.2-46V to 1.25-36V

LM2596S DC Buck 3A Ajustable Power Supply Module 3.2-46V to 1.25-36V 26v 24v 18v 19v 15v to 12V 9V 5V 8.4V step down converterProduct descriptionConve..


LM317 DC-DC power adapter Adjustable Step-down power supply module

Name: adjustable linear regulatorsOutput current: 1.5 A (minimum), 2.2 A (typical)Input and output voltage difference (VI - VO) : 40 VDC (maximum)Adju..


Voltage adjustable DC DC voltage stabilized voltage supply module 5A power 75W digital display meter power panel

тип - понижаващ;входно напрежение - 12V - 36V DC;изходно напрежение - 3.3V - 24V DC;максимален ток: 5А, 75WOnboard voltmeter auto-calibration method:1..


XH-M401 dc dc step down module XL4016E1 the maximum 8A band stabilizer of high power DC

This product uses the XL4016 switch type voltage regulator chip, with MBR10200 double rectifier, the maximum input up to 1.25-36V, the output 40V cont..


XH-M404 Step Down Converter 1.25-36V 5A

XH-M404 Step Down Regulator Converter XL4016 Xl4016E1 8A DC 4-36V to 1.25-36V PWM Adjustable Power Supply Buck Module with Voltage Red LED Voltmeter D..


XL4016E1 DC-DC high power DC regulating plate 8A can be adjusted with stabilized voltage drop module

Input voltage: DC 4-38V   Output voltage: DC 1.25-36V   Output current: 8A (recommended within 5A)   Swit..